The Guns N' Radio Song Bank

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1 in a Million

10 Years (Duff)

117 Degrees (Izzy)

14 years

30 years to life (Slash)

30 K Pickup (Izzy)

99 (Adler’s Appetite)

Ain’t it a Bitch (Izzy)

Ain’t Life Grand (Snakepit)

Ain’t Going Down

Ain’t it Fun

Airbus (Izzy)

Alive (Adler’s Appetite)

Always on the Run (Slash’s Blues Ball)

All Night Long (Rapidfire)

American Man (VR)

Anastasia (Slash)

Another Version of the Truth (Adler)

Anything Goes

Apocalyptic Love (Slash)

Atlas Shrugged


Automatic Overdrive (Slash)

Avalon (Slash)

Baby Can’t Drive (Slash)

Baby Rann (Izzy)

Back and Forth Again (Snakepit)

Back From Cali (Slash)

Back From the Dead (Adler)

Back off Bitch

Back to the Moment (Snakepit)

Bad Apples

Bad Luck (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Bad Obsession

Bad Rain (Slash)

Ball (Izzy)

Bambi (Duff)

Battleground (Slash)

Be the Ball (Snakepit)

Beat Up (Izzy)

Beautiful Dangerous (Slash)

Beautiful Disease (Duff)

Been there Lately (Snakepit)

Beggars and Hangers On (Snakepit)

Believe in Me (Duff)

Beneath the Savage Sun (Slash)

Bent to Fly (Slash)


Beyond Belief (Duff)

Big Machine (VR)

Black Hole Sun

Black Leather

Bleedin’ (Izzy)

Blind Date Girl (Loaded)

Blown Away (Adler)

Bodies (VR)

Bomb (Izzy)

Bombs Away (Izzy)

Born to be Wild

Born Under a Bad Sign (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Boulevard of Broken Hearts (Slash)

Box (Izzy)


Breaking Rocks (Duff)

Bring it Back Home

Bring it on Home (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Bucket O’ Trouble (JuJu Hounds)

Buick Makane

Buildings in the Sky (Izzy)

By the Sword (Slash)

Catcher in the Rye

California (Izzy)

Call Me the Breeze (Izzy)

Can’t Get It Out of My Head (VR)

Carolina (Slash)

Chains and Shackles (Slash)

Chinese Democracy

Chip Away (Duff)

Chop Away (Izzy)

Circle (Izzy)

Civil War

Closure (Rapidfire)

Cocaine (Loaded)

Coke N’ (Izzy)

Cold Outside (Duff)


Come on, Come In (Velvet Revolver)

Come On Now Inside (JuJu Hounds)

Comfort Zone (Izzy)

Concrete (Izzy)


Could It Be You (Duff)

Cracked Actor (Duff)

Crackin’ Up (Izzy)

Crash Diet

Crazy Life (Slash)

Criminal (Loaded)

Crossroads (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Crucify the Dead (Slash)

Cuttin’ The Rug (Juju Hounds)

Dark Days (Loaded)

Dead Flowers

Dead Horse

Dead Skin (Loaded)

Dead Wrong (Adler)

Dehydrated (Izzy)

Difference (Izzy)

Dime Store Rock (Snakepit)

Dirty Girl (Slash)

Dirty Little Thing (VR)

Do it for the Kids (VR)

Doctor Alibi (Slash)

Doin’ Fine (Snakepit)

Don’t Drop That Dime (VR)

Don’t Let it Bring You Down

Don’t Look Behind You (Duff)

Don’t Mind (Izzy)

Don’t Cry (Alternate Version)

Don’t Cry (Original Version)

Don’t Damn Me

Double Talkin’ Jive

Down on the Farm

Draw the Line (Adler’s Appetite)

Driving Down (Izzy)

Driving Rain (Slash)

Drove (Izzy)

Dust N’ Bones

Easter Lying (Loaded)

Easy (Izzy)

Empty (Adler’s Appetite)


Everythings Alright (Izzy)

Executioner’s Song (Loaded)

Eye on You

FP Money (Izzy)

FSO Ragga (Izzy)

Fading (Adler’s Appetite)

Fall to Pieces (VR)

Falling Down (Duff)

Far and Away (Slash)

Far Below Me Now (Izzy)

Feel (Duff)

Feelin’ Alright (Izzy)

Fight On (Loaded)

Fire (Izzy)

Flatline (Loaded)

Follow Me to Hell (Loaded)

For a Brother (VR)

Forgive Me (Loaded)

Freight Train (Izzy)

Fuck You (Duff)

Funk #49 (Slash’s Blues Ball)

GB (Izzy)

Garden of Eden

Gas and a Dollar (VR)

Get Away (Izzy)

Get in the Ring

Get Out the Door (VR)

Ghost (Slash)

Going Down

Gone (Izzy)

Gone Dead Train (Izzy)

Good Enough (Izzy)

Good to be Alive (Snakepit)

Good to be Bad (Adler)

Goodnight Tonight

Got Some News (Izzy)

Gotta Go (Izzy)

Got to Say (Izzy)

Gotten (Slash)

Grave Dancer (VR)

Grunt (Izzy)

Habit (Adler)

Hair of the Dog

Halo (Slash)

Hammerhead (Izzy)

Hard and Fast (Slash)

Hard School

Head on Out (Izzy)

Headspace (VR)

Heartbreak Hotel

Hell Song (Izzy)

Here Before You (Izzy)

Here Comes the Rain (Izzy)

Highway 49 (JuJu Hounds)

Highway Zero (Izzy)

Holiday (Duff)

Hollywood (Adler’s Appetite)

Hometown (Izzy)

Hoochie Coochie Man (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Hope (Duff)

How Much (Juju Hounds)

How Will it Go (Juju Hounds)

Human Being

I Don’t Care About You

I Hate Everybody (Snakepit)

I Hold On (Slash)

I Know (Izzy)

I Love You (Duff)

IOU (Loaded)

I See Through You (Loaded)

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Loaded)

I’m Breathing In (Izzy)


If The World

Illegal I Song (VR)

Indian Summer (VR)

Infastruk (Izzy)

Iris of the Storm (Slash)

It Tastes Good Don’t It?

It’s Not Too Late (Duff)

It’s So Easy

It’s Alright

Jivin’ Sister Fanny (Juju Hounds)

Job (Izzy)

Jump in Now (Izzy)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Junior’s Song (Izzy)

Just Another Sunday

Just Don’t Ask (Adler)

Just Don’t Know (Izzy)

Just Like Anything (Snakepit)

Just Not There (Duff)

Just Sixteen (VR)

Key to the Highway (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Killing Time (Hollywood Rose)

King of Downtown (Loaded)

King of the World (Loaded)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Knuckleheads (Izzy)

Landslide (Snakepit)

Last Surrender (Duff)

Let it Roll (VR)

Let Go (Izzy)

Life’s Sweet Drug (Snakepit)

Like a Dog (Izzy)

Liquor and Whores

Listen (Izzy)

Little Dancer (Adler’s Appetite)

Live and Let Die


Lonely Tonight (Duff)

Look at your Game Girl

Lords of Abbadon (Loaded)

Lost Inside The Girl (Slash)

Lot to Learn (Izzy)

Loving the Alien (VR)

Lower (Snakepit)


Magic Carpet Ride (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Mama Kin

Man in the Meadow (Duff)


Mary Mary (VR)

Mean Bone (Snakepit)

Memphis (Izzy)

Messages (VR)

Methanol (Izzy)

Mezz (Duff)

Milo (Izzy)

Mind Your Manners (Slash)

Misery (Loaded)

Missing You (Duff)

Mississippi Queen (Slash)

Money (Velvet Revolver)

Monkey Chow (Snakepit)

Monkeys (Izzy)

Morning Tea (Juju Hounds)

Mother Maria (Slash)

Mother’s Day (Loaded)

Move to the City

Mr. Brownstone

My Antidote (Slash)

My Michelle

My World

Needles (Izzy)

Negative Creep (VR)

Neither Can I (Snakepit)

Never Before (Kings of Chaos)

New Rose

Nice Boys


Night Prowler (Slash’s Blues Ball)

No More (Loaded)

No More Heroes (Slash)

No More No More (VR)

No Shame (Loaded)

Not for Me (Slash)

Nothing on Me (Izzy)

Nothing to Say (Slash)

November Rain

Oh My God

Oh Well (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Old Hat (Izzy)

Old Tune (Izzy)

On Down the Road (Izzy)

On the Run (Izzy)

On the Run (Rapidfire)

One Last Thrill (Slash)

Out ta Get Me

Own Worst Enemy (Adler)

Paradise City

Parasite (Izzy)

Parkland (Duff)

Partly Cloudy (Izzy)


Perfect Crime


Pick Up the Phone (Izzy)

Pills, Demons, and Etc. (VR)

Please Go Home (Izzy)

Pressure Drop (Juju Hounds)

Pretty Tied Up

Primitive Man (Izzy)

Promise (Slash)


Prowler (Rapidfire)

Psycho Killer (VR)

Punk Rock Song (Duff)

Put You Back (Duff)

Queen Jonasphina (Loaded)

Reggadubbcrete (Izzy)

Rain (Duff)

Raven (Izzy)

Raw Power

Read Between the Lines (Slash)

Ready to Rumble (Rapidfire)

Red House (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Reckless Life

Riad N’ the Bedouins

Ride On (Izzy)

Riff Raff

Right Next Door to Hell

River (Izzy)

Rock the Rock (Axl)

Rocker (Hollywood Rose)

Rocket Queen

Roll Away (Loaded)

Rollin’ On (Izzy)

Rollin’ Rollin’ (Izzy)

Run In (Izzy)

Rusted Heroes (Snakepit)

Sahara (Slash)

Saint is a Sinner Too (Slash)


Seattle Head (Duff)

Seems to Me (Izzy)

Sentimental Movie

Serial Killer (Snakepit)

Serve You Right (Slash)

Set Me Free (VR)

Shackler’s Revenge

Shadow Life (Slash)

Shadow of your Love

Shall Walk (Izzy)

Shallow (Loaded)

She Builds Quick Machines (VR)

She Mine (VR)

She’s an Anchor (Loaded)

Shine (Snakepit)

Shinin’ Down (Duff)

Ship (Izzy)

Shotgun Blues

Shots Fired (Slash)

Shuffle it All (Juju Hounds)

Sick (Loaded)


Since I Don’t Have You

Sleaze Factory (Loaded)

Slither (VR)

Slow Grind (Slash)

Snafu (Izzy)

Snow (Izzy)

So Fine

Soma City Ward (Snakepit)

Somebody Knockin’ (Juju Hounds)

Something About Your Love (Snakepit)

Song for Beverly (Duff)


Spazed (Izzy)

Spectacle (VR)

Speed Parade (VR)

Spray (VR)

Standing in the Sun (Slash)

Stardog (Adler’s Appetite)

Starlight (Slash)

State of Grace

Stone Blind (Slash)

Stone Free (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Street of Dreams

Stuck in the Middle With You (Izzy)

Sucker Train Blues (VR)

Sugar Cane (Slash)

Suicide (Adler’s Appetite)

Sunshine (Izzy)

Superstition (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Superhuman (VR)

Superman (Duff)

Surf Roach (Izzy)

Surrender (VR)

Swamp Song (Duff)

Sweet Caress (Izzy)

Sweet Child O’ Miine

Sympathy for the Devil

Take a Look at the Guy (Juju Hounds)

Take it Away (Snakepit)

Tenderness (Duff)

Texas (Izzy)

The Alien (Snakepit)

The Call of the Wild (Slash)

The Dissident (Slash)

The Garden

The Great Pretender (Slash)

The Groper (Izzy)

The Last Fight (VR)

The Majority (Duff)

The One That You Hated (Adler)

The One You Loved is Gone (Slash)

The Plauge

The Seeker

The Slide (Loaded)

The Thrill is Gone (Slash’s Blues Ball)

The Truth (Snakepit)

The Unholy (Slash)

Then and Now (Duff)

There Was a Time

Think About You

This I Love

Tijuana (Izzy)

Time Gone By (Juju Hounds)

To Being Alive (Izzy)

Tommy Demo #1

Too Far Gone (Slash)

Too Hot (Izzy)

Too Much Too Fast

Tough Check (Izzy)

Train Tracks (Juju Hounds)

Trance Mission (Izzy)

Translucent (Loaded)

Travelin’ Band (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Trouble (Duff)

Under My Wheels (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Underground (Izzy)

Up Jumped the Devil (Izzy)

Use Me (Slash’s Blues Ball)

Used to Love Her

Waiting (Izzy)

Waiting for my Ride (Izzy)

Walk N’ Song (Izzy)

Want to Be (Loaded)

Wasted Heart (Duff)

Waterfall (Adler)

Way it Goes (Izzy)

Way to Go (Izzy)

We Will Roam (Slash)

We Win (Loaded)

Welcome to the Jungle

We’re All Gonna Die (Slash)

What Do You Want to be? (Snakepit)

What I Told You (Izzy)

Who’s to Blame (Duff)

Whole Lotta Rosie

Wichita Lineman

Wicked Stone (Slash)

Win U Lose (Izzy)

Withered Delilah (Slash)

World on Fire (Slash)

Wrap My Arms (Loaded)

Wrecking Ball (Loaded)


You Ain’t the First

You Betcha (Izzy)

You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory

You Could Be Mine

You Got No Right (VR)

You’re Crazy

You’re a Lie (Slash)

Your Diamonds (Adler)

Your Name (Loaded)

Your Way (Loaded)