Meet the Hosts

These are the guys who make the Guns N’ Radio podcast happen each and every week!

Chris Caputo

Chris Caputo is a man with many nicknames but one thing is for sure – he’s a die-hard GNR fan of 15 years and counting. Chris is a wealth of knowledge about various aspects and genres of music that would even make the Shazam app question itself. He’s a man of many talents as well; from podcasting to DJ’ing to music production, he’s a jack of many trades.

Dustin Bonez

Dustin Bonez (or Burcham depending on who you ask) has seen GNR on all sides of the continental USA. He’s from Parts Unknown, Which is actually the name of the small village he grew up in on the outskirts of Tupelo, MS. Dustin has worked in Television, Radio, and has hosted a few podcasts over the years. Now, he’s using his love for the medium to help bring you this award-winning podcast!


Dan has followed Guns N’ Roses since the “dark ages” (aka 1998). He has seen the band live 6 times over the years. In 2002 he survived the GNR riot in his hometown of Philly. As he has gotten older he’s realized that all he wants to talk about in life is GNR and old videogames. Dan joins us here on Guns N’ Radio when he is not busy with his own podcast – WTFamicom (“a gaming podcast for people who hate gaming podcasts”).