Guns N’ Radio is a Guns N’ Roses fan podcast created by 2 die-hard GNR fans. The show is inspired heavily by the wildly popular KISS podcast “Pod of Thunder”. We review 1 song per episode by either Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded, Snake Pit, or any of the solo ventures by one of the 5 original band members. This gives us a HUGE pool of songs to pull from which guarantees some great surprises along the way.

The journey started when Dustin and Chris began to chat about the idea of starting a new GNR podcast via the (now defunct) discord server “Beta’s Barn”. The Duo ultimately decided to talk face to face – or at least as close as they could get via Skype. During the first call they realized they had great chemistry together and both shared an undying love for the band. About a week later, the first episode of Guns N’ Radio premiered on Spreaker.

All these weeks later we are still going strong and don’t plan on stopping until we’ve finished the entire catalogue. We invite you to jump on this nightrain and join us on this journey by giving your input on the show, the band, the songs, or anything else via our discord or website.


Guns N’ Radio is an unofficial fan site and is not affiliated with Guns N’ Roses, Geffen Records, or any members of the band past or present. We’re just a group of friends showing our love for the band.

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